Sichuan green pepper is a type of hemp pepper.

After hemp pepper is mature, its appearance color is dark green, and after air-drying, its appearance color will be more inclined to brownish yellow. It is a lot heavier, and the numbness lasts for a very long time.

As for Sichuan green pepper, its appearance color is lighter than that of hemp pepper. The aroma of Sichuan green pepper is also very strong, and the taste is also numb and long-lasting. However, in general, green pepper has a slightly astringent taste. Therefore, there is still a certain difference between hemp pepper and green pepper.

The efficacy and function of Sichuan green pepper

The peel of green peppercorns can be used to make seasonings and also to extract aromatic oils. The seeds of green pepper can also be eaten and used for dryness of the lungs. The most important thing is that green pepper has medicinal properties, which can eliminate cold and detoxify, and strengthen the stomach.

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