What is hua jiao?


Hua jiao has a wide range of comprehensive utilization value and is extremely nutritious. It has been widely used in cooking, food, medicine, chemical industry and so on. According to research, Dahongpao hua jiao is rich in egg, fat and other essential ingredients than hua jiao in other places (one hundred grams of hua jiao contains 25.7 grams of protein, 536 mg of calcium, 4.3 mg of iron, and contains volatile oils, etc. Ingredient) It is a flavor condiment that people like to eat. Its special spicy and strong fragrance is known as one of the "eight major flavors". Its medicinal value has been affirmed by the ancestors. It has been described and included in the "National Pharmacopoeia".

According to the analysis, hua jiao leaves are rich in essence, which is not only the raw material of high-end food, cosmetics and soap making industry, but also has medicinal value such as deworming, analgesia and anesthesia. Hua jiao seed oil can not only make high-grade edible oil, but also is one of the main raw materials for making paint and surfactants. The branches of hua jiao are also excellent materials for root carving. The by-product of hua jiao processing is not only a high-density filling material. It can also be used as feed and fertilizer, and hua jiao is a treasure all over the body.

Application of hua jiao seasoning

It is the most used seasoning for Sichuan cuisine. It is often used to prepare stewed soup, pickled food or stewed meat. It has the effect of removing mutton and increasing flavor. It is also one of the raw materials of "five spice powder".

  1. When cooking, put a few grains of hua jiao in the hot oil in the pot, remove it after it turns black, leave the oil to stir-fry, and the vegetables are fragrant;

  2. Heat the hua jiao, vegetable oil and soy sauce, pour it on the cold dishes, it is refreshing and delicious;

  3. Add hua jiao when pickling shredded radish, it tastes great.

The therapeutic effect of hua jiao

 Hua jiao is acrid in taste, hot in nature, and returns to the spleen and stomach meridians;

  It has the effects of fragrant and stomachic, warming and dispelling cold, dehumidifying and relieving pain, insecticidal and detoxifying, relieving itching and removing fishy smell;

  It mainly treats vomiting, wind-cold-dampness, and toothache.

  According to Li Shizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica": "hua jiao has strong teeth, black hair, eyesight, long-term wear, good color, resistance to aging, increase in age, and health."

Uses of hua jiao

What is the role of hua jiao? In fact, the most common role of pepper is to use pepper to make dishes, which can make the dishes more delicious. Besides, what are the other uses of hua jiao?

1. Increase appetite

Hua jiao has a fragrant smell, which can remove the fishy smell of various meats, promote saliva secretion and increase appetite.

2. Lower blood pressure

Studies have found that hua jiao can dilate blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure.

3. Deworming

Taking hua jiao water can expel parasites.

4. Grain pest control

If there are worms in the grain, you can wrap dozens of hua jiao with cloth and put them in it to drive away or kill the worms in the grain.

5. Grease prevents "smell"

Put an appropriate amount of hua jiao in the oil to prevent the oil from becoming smelly.

6. Anti-ants in the kitchen cabinet

Put dozens of fresh hua jiao in the kitchen cabinet, and the ants will not dare to enter.

7. Food flies

Put some hua jiao next to the food and on the meat so the flies won't crawl.

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