Szechuan pepper powder (Sichuan pepper powder,Chinese prickly ash powder) is made from the dried and ripe peels of green sichuan peppers of Rutaceae shrubs or small trees, which are fried and ground into powder.

Chinese prickly ash is a unique spice in China, ranking first among the "Thirteen Fragrances". It can be used in dishes such as braised, braised, side dishes, Sichuan pickles, chicken, duck, fish, sheep and beef, or it can be coarsely ground into powder and mixed with salt to make salt and pepper for dipping.

Szechuan pepper powder has a strong fragrance and is a good edible seasoning. The production of pepper is numb and spicy, and the fragrance overflows after it is cooked. Pepper powder can be used alone in cooking, and can also be mixed with other raw materials to make condiments.

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