Szechuan Pepper powder

Szechuan Pepper powder
Szechuan Pepper powder
Manna foods
sichuan pepper
European standards
25kg PP/PE bag
Shelf life
2 years
Place of Origin
Sichuan pepper powder has many uses, we are a Sichuan pepper powder processing factory from China. We provide high quality Sichuan pepper powder that meets EU standards.


What is Sichuan pepper powder ?

Sichuan pepper powder is a spice made from Sichuan peppercorns. The production steps are: take the dried and clean Chinese prickly ash, put it in the wok, fry it with a simmer, and keep stirring while frying; or fry it with a roasting machine at 120-130 ° C for 6-10 minutes, take out Cool to room temperature naturally, pulverize to 80-100 mesh with a pulverizer, put it into a plastic film composite bag according to the quantitative, and seal the finished product of pepper powder.

Sichuan pepper powder Specifications

  •  Moisture: 12%. 

  • Admixture: 0.2 Max. 

  • Color: Yellow brown Powder 

  • 100% natural .

Szechuan pepper powder

  1. Moisture: 12%.

  2. Admixture: 0.2 Max.

  3. Color: Yellow brown Powder.

  4. 100% natural .

  5. Strict quality control

  6. Quality represents the top quality of ingredient manufacturing industry in China.

  7. Package: 20kg or 25kg per kraft bag or carton.


The difference between Sichuan pepper powder and pepper powder

1. The difference between pepper powder and Sichuan pepper powder is essentially different

Sichuan pepper powder is also known as ancient moon powder. It is made from the fruit of the pepper plant pepper, and the fruit of the pepper is crushed into powder, which makes the pepper powder that everyone usually uses. The raw material of Sichuan pepper powder is pepper, which is essentially different from pepper. The essence of pepper powder and Sichuan pepper powder is different, and this is their biggest difference.

2. The difference between pepper powder and Sichuan pepper powder has different effects

Pepper is ground from pepper and contains certain substances such as piperine, crude protein, etc., and the taste is relatively spicy. In addition, pepper is a hot food. Therefore, although pepper is warm and neutral, it can eliminate phlegm and detoxify. Efficacy, but eating too much will get angry. In addition, it can be used to treat chronic gastrointestinal diseases.

Sichuan prickly ash powder is ground from prickly ash, and also has the functions of warming the middle and dispelling cold, dehumidifying and relieving pain, killing insects and detoxifying, relieving itching and removing fishy smell.

3. The difference between pepper powder and Sichuan pepper powder has different uses

Pepper is one of the most famous specialties in Hainan. It is not only a good condiment, but also a precious medicinal material. Pepper can be used for both medicine and food. Traditional Chinese medicine says that pepper has the function of warming the stomach and dispelling cold. Pepper powder is divided into white pepper powder and black pepper powder. Pepper powder is the main seasoning spice in the world, while Sichuan pepper powder is a kind of spice made from Sichuan peppercorns. Sichuan peppercorns are a unique spice in China, ranking first among the "Thirteen Fragrances". It can be used in dishes such as braised, braised, side dishes, Sichuan pickles, chicken, duck, fish, sheep and beef, or it can be coarsely ground into powder and mixed with salt to make salt and pepper for dipping.

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