Chinese prickly ash dried

Chinese prickly ash dried
Chinese prickly ash dried
Chinese prickly ash, also called Szechuan pepper or Sichuan pepper, it's a very popular food seasoning



Chinese prickly ash, Pepper, Food seasoning


No pesticides, no Aflatoxin,no impurities

Production time: The recent new stock

Shelf life: 12 months

Storage conditions: Cold and dry

Product features: Natural health food seasoning

More information of products:

1)Certificates:  HACCP, ISO ,QS

2)Ingredients: prickly ash of sichuan

3)Packing: 50g*80 bags per carton


5)Broken:max 8%

6)Admixture:max 2%

7)We can deal with the commodity inspection,and  supply origin certification like:FORM A, FORM E,C/O etc


Wild Pepper is growing at the local mountain ,free of air pollution and agricultural pesticides. It is used for cook with good quality of flavour as well as high healthy value.Its appearance is in good condition with light red color,thick skin and has a long quality guarantee period.


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