Chinese Szechuan pepper

Chinese Szechuan pepper
Chinese Szechuan pepper
Szechuan pepper (or Sichuan pepper) is the outer pod of the tiny fruit of a number of species

Brief introduction

Szechuan pepper (or Sichuan pepper) is the outer pod of the tiny fruit of a number of species in the genusZanthoxylum,widely grown and consumed in Asia as a spice. It is widely used in the cuisine of Sichuan, China, from which it takes its name, as well as Tibetan, Bhutanese, Nepalese, Japanese, Konkani, and Batak Toba cuisines, among others.



Chinese Szechuan pepper

Product Name: Sichuan pepper

Latin Name: Zanthoxylum bungeanum 

Use part:Fruit

Appearance: Red dried fruit

Taste&Odor: Characteristic with original plant, pleasant flavor

Size: Whole

Moisture: <12%

Ash: <8%

Packing:10,15,20,25,50kg/Carton with plastic woven bag outside.

Shelf Life:2 years when properly stored

Storage:Cool, Darkness ,Dry &Ventilative

Pesticide residue:Complies with EU Organic and NOP

Microbiological:None visible Yeast&mold

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