Best Chinese prickly ash

Best Chinese prickly ash
Best Chinese prickly ash
Manna foods
Best Chinese prickly ash
European standards
25kg PP/PE bag
Shelf life
2 years
Place of Origin
Chinese prickly ash is a very important spice in China, the ground Chinese prickly ash is also widely used.

The term '花椒' generally refers to Sichuan pepper, also known as Chinese prickly ash. When looking for the best Sichuan pepper, several factors need to be considered, including the type of Sichuan pepper, its origin, freshness, and quality. Here are some considerations:

Types of Sichuan Pepper:There are different species of the Zanthoxylum genus that produce Sichuan pepper. Two common species are green Sichuan pepper and red Sichuan pepper. The flavor characteristics between these species may vary. Additionally, in China, there are specific classifications for these peppers such as Da Hong Pao, Xiao Hong Pao, Dou Jiao, Zhu Ye Hua Jiao, etc. The differences among these peppers mainly lie in the level of aroma and numbness; however, for seasoning purposes, they are generally consistent.

Origin:Sichuan pepper is closely associated with the Sichuan province in China, and peppers grown in this region are often considered of high quality due to the unique terroir. However, high-quality Sichuan pepper can also be found in other regions of China, such as Shaanxi, Shandong, etc.

Freshness:Freshness is crucial for Sichuan pepper. Look for recently harvested and well-dried peppercorns to ensure they retain their flavor and aroma. Stale or old Sichuan pepper may lack the characteristic numbing sensation.

Appearance:High-quality Sichuan pepper should have a reddish-brown color and a plump, wrinkled appearance. The berries should be uniform in size. When pressed against a hard surface, they should release oily substances that are easy to evaporate.

Aroma:The best Sichuan pepper will have a strong and aromatic fragrance. Green Sichuan pepper has a lemon-lime flavor, while red Sichuan pepper has a sweet grapefruit flavor. Toasting the peppercorns before use can enhance their aroma. The level of numbness is also an important criterion for judging high-quality Sichuan pepper.

Packaging:Consider the packaging and storage conditions. Well-sealed packaging helps preserve the freshness and flavor of the Sichuan pepper. We use 25kg/pp/pe bags for packaging, ensuring good sealing and ease of storage.




Best Chinese prickly ash

1)moisture :11% max
2)other matter :0.5% max
3)supply period :all the year round

  1. name:pricky ash

  2. moisture: 11% max ,light pepper: 2% max ,other matter: 0.5% max

  3. packaging detail: 50 kg with inner bags or as customers options

  4. delivery detail within a week after receipt of confirmed order

  5. inspection: sgs,haccp

  6. minimum quantity: one 20 ft container

  7. capacity:9mts/20fcl   18mts/40fcl

  8. terms of payment: 50% advance at the time of confirming the order through t/t and balance 50% at the time of fax copy of b/l.

  9. supplying period:all the year around

  10. 10.advantages:we are professional manufacturer and exporter.

Weifang Manna Foods Co.,Ltd is a Private limited liability company which engaged in Professional spices processing and marketing, our products involves various chilliproducts(chilli powder,crushed chilli, chilli circle and pepper wire etc),Chinese prickly ash(Chinese prickly ash particles,zanthoxylum powder),black pepper products(black pepper particles,cracked pepper,black pepper powder, salt and pepper).   Owning to the hard work of a skilled,dedicated, and a pioneering team, our company has taken a stride on quality,grades and increasing varieties.our products enjoy good reputation and have been exported to Japan, u.s.a. canada, australia, u.k, france, italy etc. hope to have a chance to develop biz with you.

As a professional Sichuan pepper export factory, we can customize the quality of Sichuan pepper according to your standards, and we can guarantee quality over the long term.

The "best" Sichuan pepper can be subjective, depending on individual preferences and the specific dish you're preparing. Experimenting with different varieties and sources can help you find the Sichuan pepper that best suits your taste and culinary needs. Additionally, consider purchasing whole peppercorns and grinding them fresh for optimal flavor.

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