Natural Sichuan Pepper

Sichuan pepper,Pricklyash Peel,Fructus zanthaxyli,Hercules,bungeanum,Hua jiao



Natrual sichuan pepper

Origin: Sichuan province of china

Plant basis: company control

Moisture:max 13%
Sulfurous :N/D
Pesticide residue: N/D Accounding the EU standard

Haveal metal: Accouanding the EU standard.


Sichuan pepper,Pricklyash Peel,Fructus zanthaxyli,Hercules Club,Zanthaxylum bungeanum,Hua jiao in high quality.

Pricklyash Peel with 2% Seed

Appearance: well-dried, clean, no mould and no fungus


1) with 2% seed

2) with 5% seed


Product Advantage
1 We( Weifang Manna Foods Co.,Ltd) are the manufacturer and exporter specializing in Professional spices processing and marketing, our products involves various chilli products,Chinese prickly ash  and black pepper products.

2 Our suppliers have developed several farm bases for our cultivatable raw material.
3 We can manufacture and process raw material according to your specification into different sizes.
4 We are credible with more than 30 years rich purchasing and export experience. 

5 We have been exported items to Japan,US,EU for more than 10 years.



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