How to Roast Chili Peppers(1)

 Roasted chili peppers are delicious and soft, and also perfect for making stuffed pepper recipes. Traditional ways to roast peppers include roasting over an open fire, broiling, baking or grilling. Basically, you apply a heat source, wait for the chili pepper skins to blacken, char, and loosen, then peel. The hotter the heat source, the more you will affect the actual meat of the pepper, so beware of applying too high of heat.

Method 1.Roast Chili Peppers on a Gas Stove with Open Flame

  1. Produce a HIGH FLAME.
  2. Place the chili pepper directly over the flame. Allow skin to blacken and bubble up. It will do so in about 2-3 minute.
  3. Flip the chili pepper and blacken both sides. Do not allow to catch fire.
  4. Add chili pepper to a plastic baggie and seal. Allow to steam in the baggie about 5 minutes to loosen the skin.
  5. Remove pepper from baggie and peel off the skin. A towel will help, or a fork. Discard the skin.
  6. Cook the roasted peppers into any recipe you wish!

NOTE: You can adapt this recipe to the grill by heating the grill to HIGH heat, and roasting the peppers the same way over the heated grill. Again, the chili pepper skin will blacken and blister. From there, move onto step #4 and continue onward!

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