Fructus zanthoxyli

Fructus zanthoxyli (scientific name:. Zanthoxylum bungeanum Maxim), which peels can be used as seasonings, and extracts of aromatic oils, but also medicine, edible seeds, also can be processed making soap.

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Sichuan Pepper:Sun-dried spices,natural without any addittives and packed by gunny bags

Pricklyash Peel,Fructus zanthoxyli,red hemp pepper


2.Flavor:Characteristics of garlic,without any foreign matters
3.Moisture:12% Max.
4.Kosher certified

Packing:By jute bag,25 or 50kgs/bag

QTY/20' FCL:7mts


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Chinese prickly ash sichuan red pepper
Chinese prickly ash sichuan red pepper

Name: prickly ash, sichuan/szechuan pepper Chinese sichuan pepper is not actuall...

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