Pricklyash Peel red sichuan pepper

Pricklyash Peel red sichuan pepper
Pricklyash Peel red sichuan pepper
Pepper (scientific name:. Zanthoxylum bungeanum Maxim), which peels can be used as seasonings, and extracts of aromatic oils, but also medicine, edible seeds, also can be processed making soap.



Sichuan pepper,Pricklyash Peel,Fructus zanthoxyli,Hercules,bungeanum 
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Sichuan pepper,Pricklyash Peel,Fructus zanthoxyli,Hercules Club,Zanthoxylum bungeanum in high quolity.

Pricklyash Peel with 2% Seed

Appearance: well-dried, clean, no mould and no fungus


1) with 2% seed

2) with 5% seed


1 We(
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