sichuan pepper

Sichuan pepper We have our own plant base and cooperate farms, we are capable to control the whole process from raw material to final products, we approved ISO9001, ISO22000 (also called HACCP), FDA Certifications.

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Sichuan Pepper:Sun-dried spices,natural without any addittives and packed by gunny bags

2.Flavor:Characteristics of garlic,without any foreign matters
3.Moisture:12% Max.
4.Kosher certified

Packing:By jute bag,25 or 50kgs/bag

QTY/20' FCL:7mts

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Chinese prickly ash sichuan red pepper
Chinese prickly ash sichuan red pepper

Name: prickly ash, sichuan/szechuan pepper Chinese sichuan pepper is not actuall...

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