Types of Sichuan pepper

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Types of Sichuan pepper
Sichuan peppercorns are sparking a new round of purchasing craze around the world because of their unique aroma. Today I will share what types of Sichuan peppercorns there are.

There are several types of Sichuan pepper when it comes to finer distinctions, and they differ in terms of fruit yield during cultivation. Let's delve into the details of these types of Sichuan pepper. The following are some common types of Sichuan pepper:

1.Da Hong Pao Sichuan Pepper

Da Hong Pao Sichuan pepper has a pungent and warm nature with a slight toxicity and numbing effect. Its components include volatile oils (such as limonene, borneol, fragrant leaf alcohol, etc.) and unsaturated organic acids. It thrives in warm, humid, and well-drained fertile soils, and it exhibits strong sprouting, cold resistance, drought resistance, and strong disease resistance. It has a long hidden bud lifespan and is resilient to vigorous pruning but is intolerant to waterlogging, which can lead to death in a short period of stagnant water.


2.Jiu Ye Qing Sichuan Pepper

Considered the most competitive early-maturing variety among Sichuan pepper strains, Jiu Ye Qing Sichuan pepper is renowned for its fragrant fruits and pure numbing taste. It has thick skin, a green color, and is known as a pollution-free green product. It can be grown in drought-resistant ridges, mountainous areas, hills, riverbanks, and around homes.


3.Qin'an 1 Sichuan Pepper

Qin'an 1 is a new variant in the Da Hong Pao Sichuan pepper series, known for its early maturity, high yield, superior quality, stable characteristics, strong resistance to adversity, easy picking, and wide adaptability. It is suitable for cultivation in dry, semi-arid regions and is resistant to drought and cold, making it suitable for promotion in arid and semi-arid areas.


4.Da Hong Jiao Sichuan Pepper

Originally from South America, Da Hong Jiao Sichuan pepper is found in Peru and Central America, with the Peruvian and Mexican regions being its places of origin. It is an annual solanaceous plant that is green when immature and turns sauce-colored, bright red, yellow, or purple when mature, with red being the most common color. It matures early in places with abundant sunlight and high temperatures, having a short growing season.


5.Gong Jiao Sichuan Pepper

Gong Jiao Sichuan pepper, also known as Yue Xi Gong Jiao, is a specialty of Yuexi County, Sichuan Province, and holds a national geographical indication for agricultural products. It is part of the Southern Silk Road Sichuan pepper and is also called Beibei Pepper or Mother and Child Pepper. It is named after the one or two undeveloped small red peppers attached to the pepper grains, resembling a mother and child connected, hence the name 'Wawa Jiao' (Baby Pepper).


6.Wu Ci Hua Jiao (Thornless Sichuan Pepper)

The Japanese Thornless Sichuan Pepper is a deciduous shrub that can be thorny or thornless, characterized by its high quality, significant yield, and strong resistance to adversity. The fruit skin, green fruit, tender shoots, and seeds all have important applications, making it valuable for cultivation and promotion.


7.Nan Qiang 1 Sichuan Pepper

Nan Qiang 1 Sichuan pepper is a new variety of Sichuan pepper tree. It bears fruit in August to September or October each year, with a budding rate of around 70%. The yield per acre is above 50,000 plants after sowing, and with proper care, the yield per acre can be even higher.


8.Chuan Shan Hua Jiao (Sichuan-Shaanxi Sichuan Pepper)

Chuan Shan Hua Jiao is a deciduous tree of the Rutaceae family, Sichuan pepper genus, and is a drought-tolerant, thin-soiled plant. It is particularly suitable for planting in terraced fields, marginal land, wasteland, and around orchards.


9.Zhu Ye Hua Jiao (Bamboo Leaf Sichuan Pepper)

Also known as Wanhua Zhen, White General, etc., Zhu Ye Hua Jiao is a kind of Sichuan pepper. It is a sun-loving plant that thrives in dry and cool climates. It is mainly distributed in the southwest, east, central, and north of mainland China.


10.Dou Jiao Sichuan Pepper

Also known as White Pepper, Dou Jiao Sichuan pepper has fruits that ripen from late September to mid-October. The fruits are light red when mature and become dark red after sun drying. The quality of the pepper skin is moderate, and it has strong resistance, high yield, and is widely planted in provinces such as Gansu, Shanxi, and Shaanxi.


This provides an overview of the common types of Sichuan pepper. Each type has its unique characteristics, and their cultivation and application can vary. If you are buying bulk Sichuan peppercorns in bulk, the first thing to focus on is not the type, but whether it meets the EU's minimum pesticide residue standards. It doesn't matter if the color is red or cyan.If you have more specific questions about any particular type, feel free to ask!


Types of Sichuan pepper
Types of Sichuan pepper


Sichuan peppercorns are sparking a new round of purchasing craze around the world because of their unique aroma. Today I will share what types of Sichuan peppercorns there are.

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