The Way of Cutting Onions slice

2014-07-14 09:15:05

One of the most basic and fundamental tasks you will perform in the kitchen over and over again is cutting an onion.

There are so many recipes that call for diced, sliced and chopped onions. Think about how many times you cut an onion each week and you will understand why it is so important you learn how to do it safely and properly.

Here’s some Chef demonstrating his method of cutting onions. Here is how he describes cutting and dicing an onion slice.

1,Using a chef’s knife, cut the stem end almost off but leave a little to grab so you can start peeling. Peel all the outside skin off.

2,Place the onion on the cut end with the root end facing up. If there are any excess roots sticking out, pinch them off with your fingers. Now slice the onion in half long ways. By leaving the root attached, it will help keep the onion together while slicing.

3,Take each half of the onion and lay it down flat on your cutting board. Make multiple cuts long ways from top to bottom but not through the root at the end.

4,Depending on on the fineness you want your dice will determine how many cuts you will make. The more cuts, the finer the dice.

5,Turn the onion 90 degrees and make multiple cuts across the onion being sure to keep your fingers curled under so you don’t cut them. How many slices will again depend on how fine a dice you are looking for.


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