Sichuan peppercorn in chinese,Where to buy bulk sichuan pepper?

Sichuan peppercorn in chinese,Where to buy bulk sichuan pepper?
The sun came out with a red face and spread a joy, and shyly hid behind the clouds. The sudden darkness surprised Aunt Zhao. Looking at the pepper drying in the yard, she was a little worried. If the weather is not good today, the color of more than 300 Jin of pepper will be black, and it will cost a lot less. If there were any signs of rain later, she would have to call her wife to help.
Uncle Zhao, his wife, is sitting on a ridge in Wudangou, smoking at the moment. In front of his eyes is a piece of Zanthoxylum bungeanum, full of Zanthoxylum bungeanum particles roasted by the sun, nourishing oil to the outside, emitting a crisp fragrance. Looking at it, the red patch is like putting a brocade red robe on the whole pepper tree. The name "Dahongpao" is so apt! He sat under the pepper tree and took a swig at the cigarette. The cigarette came out of his mouth and ran through his hair like it was burning. Through the smoke, he saw several pepper pickers not far away. His eyes fell on a girl in a white shirt and red skirt.
The girl's name is Lihong. She is from Qingshui County. The girl had a pair of very dexterous hands, picked up pepper, ten fingers in the branches around, never by pepper prick. Pepper pepper grains fell from her palm like rain in the cage, more than forty kilograms a day. In Lihong's first year, when Wu Dai picked peppers for his family, she fell in love with his son Qiang Qiang.
That year, after Lihong left, Uncle Zhao sent a messenger with 10 kilograms of pepper oil, several good cigarettes and several boxes of good wine to visit Lihong's home in Qingshui County. Come back to say that Lihong's parents have no objection, but the bride price is higher there. Uncle Zhao asked how much it would cost, saying that there were more than 200,000, and at the lowest, 170,000. When Uncle Zhao listened, he was so sad that he couldn't shut his eyes for a whole night. After dinner the next morning, Uncle Zhao boldly spoke to Lihong's father on the phone. He said, "Look, his uncle, can you make some money for the doll? Before Lihong's father could speak, Lihong's mother answered the phone and said, "Well, you are a bright man, you are also a bright man. I also have a son who talks about people outside the mountains. It is estimated that no more than 200,000 people can marry. I don't want it with you. What can I do? "It's so pleasant.
Uncle Zhao was completely wilted. He put down the phone and carried his head to the pepper field. Instead of digging, he sat on the handlebars, staring at the pepper tree in a daze. He spent half his life dealing with Zanthoxylum bungeanum. When he had something to say, nobody listened to him. He could only talk to Zanthoxylum bungeanum. He lit a cigarette, and the cigarette circle floated leisurely to the pepper tree, as if the pepper tree was sad with him. "What can we do about it? No small baby! It's up to you. He said to the pepper tree. When pepper is bought this year, and then borrow some money, it's no big deal to lend some more money, and then do the marriage for the doll. After doing a good job of Zanthoxylum bungeanum, we can always pay off our debts. He wiped out the cigarette on the pout and dug up the ground desperately.
However, just before the pepper emerged, a hailstorm completely cooled Uncle Zhao's heart. He stood in the pepper field, looking at the tender pepper fruits and leaves of the pepper tree. He wanted to cry and roar. "I'm afraid they won't wait any longer. What a sincere and capable doll! "Uncle Zhao wants to go home and take an axe to chop off the pepper tree!
In the third year, when pepper was as red as brocade on the hillside, Lihong wore a white shirt, a red skirt and came in hand with Qiangqiang from the gate. Uncle Zhao and his two sons are happy. Uncle Zhao said that he was afraid that his ancestors had accumulated Yin and virtue. This year, pepper harvest, the price is good. Uncle Zhao borrowed tens of thousands of yuan from his relatives, plus hundreds of thousands of Yuan saved by pepper planting in recent years, and married his son in a magnificent way. On the day of the wedding, the red light filled the hall and the guests and friends filled the room. Uncle Zhao drank like pepper on his face. After greeting the guests, he staggered to the pepper fields to breathe, looking at the pepper trees dancing in the wind. He suddenly wanted to sing the hot songs of the club. He coughed and roared, "Go into the mountains and take a look at them. The crops in the mountains grow well. Every year they grow well. Every year they grow well. Every year they can't use money." Du Du Du Du... "
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