Sichuan pepper is popular overseas in China

Sichuan pepper is popular overseas in China
Sichuan pepper is popular overseas in China
Sichuan pepper is popular overseas in China
Sichuan pepper is popular overseas in China. Do you know about this immortal seasoning?
Speaking of Sichuan pepper, many people will immediately think of those spicy and spicy delicacies, such as spicy chicken, Mapo tofu, boiled meat slices, old hemp handwriting, just listen to the name is not good.
The so-called "hot pepper entrance, chili pepper touch tongue chilly", and pure spicy compared to pepper, pepper to give the hemp, can upgrade food. At present, this "spicy wind" has blown abroad, but the Japanese are now "not happy"!
If you want to choose the most typical seasoning on the Eastern and Western table, you must have Sichuan's most "wild" seasoning - Sichuan pepper. The numbness brought by Sichuan pepper permeates people's taste nerves with stimulation and boldness.
And the pepper that "kills people without paying for their lives" is still a must-kill skill in all kinds of maggots games.
We know that Sichuan pepper is only a condiment. If you eat it directly, it will feel very refreshing. When foreign friends first experience eating Sichuan pepper, they also say that they have opened the door of their new world.
Chinese Sichuan pepper "hemp" all over Japan
Zanthoxylum bungeanum can give the taste experience that the customers who love the taste can't stop. Now, the tornado of Sichuan Zanthoxylum bungeanum has swept Asia and even the whole world.
In 2018, the market size of Sichuan pepper in Japan reached 5.99 million yuan, more than doubling in four years. In order to satisfy the Japanese's pursuit of Sichuan Zanthoxylum, many Japanese food companies and catering enterprises have launched many products with Sichuan Zanthoxylum as a selling point.
There is even a new word in Japanese, "Mahuo", which refers to going to many restaurants and eating all kinds of spicy food.
The "pepper boom" seems to be quite different from the taste of traditional Japanese cuisine, but in fact, the Japanese are not unfamiliar with the fragrant and numb taste of pepper. Mapo tofu, a Sichuan dish, is one of the Japanese's favorite Chinese dishes.
Sichuan Zanthoxylum Beer Invented by Foreigners in Chongqing
It's not just friends from Japan who are fascinated by the taste of pepper. In 1994, the American boy who came to Chongqing for the first time as an exchange student was also attracted by this unique taste. He also came up with the idea of combining the two elements of pepper and beer to produce pepper beer according to the taste of Chongqing people.
Although the brain hole is big enough, but eating old hemp to copy hands,
Spicy Hot pot
Growing up in Chongqing, people said that the taste - light!
So Ben said that he would develop new products with heavier taste and more suitable for Chongqing's disturbed taste in the future.
What's more, in a French restaurant, some people add pepper to chocolate ice cream.
And this "dark cuisine" is also very popular, can sell hundreds of copies a week!
Ma, what kind of feeling is it?
The wonderful taste of Sichuan pepper, while fascinating, has also aroused many people's curiosity. What kind of feeling is this numbness?
In 2013, several British scientists found that unlike the pain caused by capsaicin stimulating nerves, the crispness caused by Sichuan pepper is an alcohol-confused sensory nerve fiber experience similar to the mechanical vibration of about 50 Hz at the fingertip or about 9 volts at the tip of the tongue. Spicy and spicy are chemical defenses of plants, but we are addicted to these tastes.
Sichuan pepper is a member of Rutaceae, so people who like pepper, like not only the stimulation of spicy hemp, but also its fragrance.
Pre-Qin ancients often praised "pepper" as a beautiful thing. The image of "pepper" has been mentioned many times in Chu Ci, such as "Hui dish steamed with orchids, drinks with cinnamon and pepper juice". Now, it seems that this is probably the earliest literary sublimation of eating spicy food and drinking spicy food. Maybe the Chu people would say, "Please put more pepper, thank you."
How did Sichuan pepper get on the table?
You may not know that Sichuan pepper was not put on the table by the Chinese at first. As early as the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, Sichuan pepper appeared in the sacrificial ceremony, this tradition has continued to the Sui and Tang Dynasties.
In the Yuan and Year of Tang Dynasty, Hanyuan pepper was listed as a royal tribute. In the 19th year of Qing Guangxu, pepper was set up as a monument without tribute. It formally stepped onto the table of the common people, and was no longer a precious spice exclusively belonging to the Royal nobility.
Yuexi, located in Sichuan Province, used to be a popular channel on the southern Silk Road. Yuexigong pepper is also a must for businessmen to purchase. More than 1,000 years ago, in Kaibao, Song Dynasty, Qiongbuchuan ethnic minority set out from the west of Vietnam, along the ancient southern Silk Road to the capital to pay tribute to the treasure, is the famous Yuexigong pepper. The development of the Southern Silk Road in that year brought together market town businessmen along the way, and business was very prosperous.
About the selection of Sichuan pepper, there are some tips, first of all, to see the color, the brighter the color, the fresher; secondly, to look at the epidermis, the more protruding the oil, the stronger the fragrance; finally, to look at the impurities in the inner shell, the less black pepper seeds the better. Well, I've decided. I'll have a dish of rattan pepper chicken in a minute.

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