Pepepr and Pork

This  pepper pork  is not a goodlooking dish. However, It's a sign of  "earthy dish" in every household in Hunan province. In fact not in Hunan, people in China like this simple but delicious recipe. The main ingredient is pepper and pork, stir fry cooking process is the main.


Pork (streaky pork is best if you don't mind), green pepper 200g, red chili pepper 10g.

seasoning:  soy sauce 30g, sesame oil 50g, chicken soup 75 ML,starch 75g, sesame (dry) 5g, salt 


1.  Cut peeled pork into small slices, marinated with soy sauce; freshpepper cut into small pieces.

2. First put a little oil to the pan , cooked, add soy sauce marinated pork, evenly placed on the tray after the fried .

3. Reput a little oil to the pan, fried chili pepper until it get some coke on the surface skin.add cooking oil,  fry with the raging pork.  then pour just fried pork, adding the right amount of seasoning according to personal taste, mix a little sesame oil.


The key is to make mutual penetration of the pepper, edible oil and pork flavor. so the final step is most important. Do not keep the goodlooking with the cost of taste. The deeper black, the more delicious.

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