Oilleaf Zanthoxylum VS Hairleaf Zanthoxylum

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Oilleaf Zanthoxylum VS Hairleaf Zanthoxylum
Oil leaf Zanthoxylum and hairy leaf Zanthoxylum, each has its own characteristics. The former is rich in flavor and widely used; The latter has a strong, unique flavour. The choice depends on the dish and taste.

Oil Leaf Prickly ash VS Hairy Leaf Prickly Ash: A Spice Battle

Sichuan pepper has always played an important role in the Chinese diet. It is not only a condiment, but also a symbol of culture. Among the many varieties of Zanthoxylum, oil leaf Zanthoxylum and hairy leaf Zanthoxylum Zanthoxylum are two popular varieties. They each have unique characteristics and uses and play an important role in different culinary scenes. This article will make a comprehensive comparison of these two kinds of pepper, so that readers can better understand their advantages and disadvantages and choose suitable scenarios.

Peppercorns with oil leaves(Zanthoxylum bungeanum Maxim. var. pubescens Huang)

◆Product Introduction

Oil leaf Zanthoxylum, also known as Sichuan Zanthoxylum, is one of the most common varieties of zanthoxylum in China. The leaves are large, the surface is smooth, and the color is dark green. The main origin of oil leaf Zanthoxylum is Sichuan Province, China, so it is widely used in Sichuan cuisine and Sichuan snacks.


Spicy flavor: The fragrant oil leaf Zanthoxylum is rich and unique, with a slight spicy flavor, which can add unique flavor to dishes.

Fresh and tender taste: the leaves are large, the taste is fresh and tender, and there is no obvious rough feeling when chewing, which can improve the taste level of dishes.

Wide range of application: In addition to the common use in Sichuan cuisine, oil leaf Zanthoxum can also be used for cooking hot pot, barbecue and other dishes, with strong versatility.

Usage Scenario

Zanthoxylum oleifolia is suitable for the following scenarios:

Cook Sichuan dishes and Sichuan snacks, such as spicy fragrant pot, malatang, etc.

Mix the hot pot base material to add a special spicy flavor to the hot pot.

Skewers are used as seasoning during grilling to give food a unique flavor.


Prickly pepper(Zanthoxylum bungeanum Maxim. var. punctatum Huang)

Product Introduction

Zanthoxylum trichophyllum is a special kind of Zanthoxylum. The leaves of Zanthoxylum trichophylum are covered with small hairs, which show a unique appearance. Prickly pepper is mainly produced in Hunan and Guizhou provinces of China, and is an important condiment in local cooking.


Strong numbness: Compared with oil-leaf Zanthoxylum, hairy Zanthoxylum Zanthoxylum has a stronger sense of numbness, which can bring lasting numbness in the mouth and is a special form of spicy taste.

Unique flower fragrance: In addition to having a certain spicy taste, the hairy pepper also has a unique flower fragrance, making it able to bring a special flavor experience in cooking.

Suitable for Sichuan-Hunan cuisine: Prickly pepper is widely used in Sichuan-Hunan cuisine and Hunan cuisine, which can add unique flavor characteristics to this kind of cuisine.

Usage Scenario

Prickly pepper is suitable for the following scenarios:

Cook Sichuan and Hunan dishes, such as boiled fish, spicy chicken, etc.

Mix chili oil or spicy sauce to add a unique flavor and texture.

Make spicy snacks, such as spicy potato chips, spicy duck tongue, etc., to give food unique taste characteristics.


Comparative analysis

Advantages of oil leaf Zanthoxylum:

The flavor is rich and tender.

Wide range of application, strong versatility.

Outstanding performance in hot pot, barbecue and other scenes.

Disadvantages of oil leaf Zanthoxylum:

Octane flavor is relatively simple, lack of special flavor.

Numbness is light, not suitable for the pursuit of spicy dishes.

◆Advantages of prickly pepper:

Strong numbness, special taste.

The flowers are fragrant and unique in flavor.

It is outstanding in Sichuan cuisine and Hunan cuisine.

Disadvantages of hairy prickly ash:

Too numb for everyone's taste.

The scope of application is relatively narrow, not as common as the oil leaf Zanthoxylum.

Selection Scheme

** If you are pursuing versatility and wide applicability, it is suitable to choose oil leaf Zanthoxylum. ** It can be used in more dishes, not only Sichuan and Hunan dishes, but also in other cooking scenarios, such as hot pot, barbecue, etc.

** If you are looking for a special taste experience, and like a strong sense of numbness, you can choose hairy pepper. ** It is more effective in Sichuan and Hunan cuisine, and can bring unique flavors to dishes, but it needs to be noted that it is not suitable for everyone's taste.


Xanthoxylum oil and Xanthoxylum wool have their own unique characteristics and advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of which Xanthoxylum to use depends on personal taste preferences and cooking needs. In different cooking scenes, according to the needs of dishes to choose the right variety of Sichuan pepper, will be able to bring more rich taste enjoyment to the food.

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