How to Keep Dogs Out of Your Yard?
Balck pepper powder Keep Dogs Out of Your Yard
How To  Make Dan Dan Noodles?
How to make chili oil?
You might marvel at the special taste ,Before you make chili Cut off the stems of the dried chilies and remove the seeds.
How to make garlic Chili Oil?
Chili pepper is widely used in everyday recipes as spice. If we grow one or two plants at home, cooking could be very easy when you just pick up some ...
How to Make a Chile Pepper Pinata
A chili pepper pinata will add the perfect touch to your festivities, especially if there are children invited. This chili pepper pinata is very easy...
Medicinal uses of chili pepper
Raw, fresh chilies should be washed in clean water before used in cooking in order to remove any residual fungicides, sand and soil. Chilies either fr...
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