ground red chili 
size: 40mesh 
hot degree: 8000shu 
without stems, seeds crushed

ground red chili
size: 40mesh
hot degree: 8000shu
without stems, seeds crushed

Powder & Flake & Crush:Crushed Chili, Chili Crush, Chili Powder, Chili Flakes, Chilli Powder, Crushed Chilli, Chilli Crush, Chilli Flake.

3)Different qualities with different asta and hot value

Hot chili powder,10-120asta, 10000-40000shu

Sweet chili powder, 40-220Asta, <2000shu

4)Certificates: HACCP,FDA.

5)Color: full red

6)Impurity: 0%

7)Quality: Grade A, no aflatoxin, no Sudan 1,2,3&4, no heavy metal, no  speckle, no mould, no pesticide

8)Packing: mesh bag, vacuum bag, pressed bag, cartons and small bags(according to your requirement)

9)Standard: exporting standard

10)Features: dried chilli powder, without stem/with seeds.

11)2008 new crop

14)Qualified for EU countries, American, Mexico, Asia, Africa ect.


Weifang Manna Foods Co.,Ltd main products are dried chili, Chili powder, Chili crushed, Chili slice, Chili ring/circle and Chili segments; Black pepper granular, Black pepper crushed and Black pepper powder; White pepper granular, White pepper powder and White pepper crushed;Clove and Clove powder; Coriander seeds and Coriander seeds powder; Nutmeg seeds and Nutmeg powder; Celery seeds and Celery seeds powder; Cumin and Cumin powder; Dehydrated ginger flake and Dehydrated ginger powder; Star aniseed and Star aniseed powder;We are credible with more than 30 years rich purchasing and export experience.

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