Dried Garlic Flakes

Garlic is easy to grow and can be grown year-round in mild climates. While sexual propagation of garlic is indeed possible, nearly all of the garlic in cultivation is propagated asexually, by planting individual cloves in the ground.

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Dried Garlic Flakes :

Size :1.6-2.2mm

Colour :Natural White colour or Light Yellowish

Detailed introduction to Dehydrated Garlic Slice:Dehydrated  Garlic Slice:

1) One grade and two grade

  One grade :the flake is off-natural white

   Two grade :yellow mix red 
2)Thickness: 1.6 mm,1.7mm,1.8mm,2.0mm,2.1mm
3) Physical and Chemical Index : Moisture: 6.0% max. so2<=30ppm
4) Packing:

      Inner packing: 20kg/ plastic bag   
      Outer packing: 20kg/CTN  or as requested

5)Shipping quantity:20FCL/8.5-9MTS


6.We  can also supply roasted garlic clove /sugared garlic bulb/garlic in syrup/peeled garlic (dice)in jars /dehydrated garlic granule in jar /peeled garlic in poly bags/garlic bolt in jar /salted garlic bolt  and so on 

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