Chili segment

Chili segment is Processeded by our factoyr.The raw meterials are all from base, so we can control the quality of each piece of our products.

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chili segment:Specifications:9mm w/o impurity,w/o coloring agents.Max moisture:10%

chili segment:

specifications: normal red , w/o coloring agents, no insect pest chilli,w/o mould,No Aflatoxin, no bacteria, no pesticide, no heavy metal, no sudan

 detail information: according to the client's requirements.

Original: hebei province,China

Packing:25kg/inner with poly bag,outer with woven bag or according to the client'

s requirements.

Reference Price:

Payment terms:L/C or T/T

delivery time:within 30 days after signing contract

explain:it can with seeds or without seeds,it is subject to the clients' requirements.

We are manufacturer and exporter handling this line more than 10 years. we have been exporting to EU,Japan,US,South America, middle East and so on.


Our products' quality is top, have been pass ISO22000, CIQ, SGS,FDA, could reach the standards of EU and Japan. The payment terms:T/T or L/C. delivery time:within 30 days after signing contract,and there is no MOQ.


   Weifang Manna Foods Co.,Ltd is a Private limited liability company which engaged in Professional spices processing and marketing, our products involves various chilliproducts(chilli powder,crushed chilli, chilli circle and pepper wire etc),Chinese prickly ash(Chinese prickly ash particles,zanthoxylum powder),black pepper products(black pepper particles,cracked pepper,black pepper powder, salt and pepper).


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