Best white pepper whole

Best white pepper whole
Best white pepper whole

white pepper whole is the result of artificial carefully screened, more than 98% purity. white pepper whole procurement of raw materials are the latest store. Lowest price let you import into the highest quality white pepper.




white pepper whole
1.Moisture: 13% Max 
2.Origin Place:Vietnam 
3.packing 50/bag or according with needs

Best white pepper whole:


we are spices manufacturer.we can provide many kind of spices.Such as .Cumin seeds,White Pepper,Black Pepper,Curry,Turmetic Cinnamon ,Oregano.Thyme,Fennel,Star Anise Chinese pepper,Five spices powder chilli seeds.

white pepper:


1.Moisture: 12% Max 
2.Origin Place:Vietnam
4.packing 50/bag or according with customer insturction.